The FXT library: Fast transforms and low level algorithms

Here you find
  • the FXT package
  • the "Algorithms for programmers" text (the fxtbook)
  • the amorphous FFT bucket moved to the fftpage

The FXT library

Latest FXT version: fxt-2007.01.13.tgz (approx. 950kB), distributed under the GPL.

Here are a some (well, more than 200) demos.

Much of the low level bit-magic code is shown on the bit wizardry page.

Read the short description in description.txt, the Linux Software Map (LSM) file fxt.lsm

Generated doc-oids:

  • aux0-doc.txt auxiliary routines
  • aux1-doc.txt auxiliary routines for 1-dim arrays
  • aux2-doc.txt auxiliary routines for 2-dim arrays
  • bits-doc.txt bit wizardry
  • bpol-doc.txt binary polynomials and arithmetic over GF(2**n)
  • comb-doc.txt combinatorics (combinations, partitions etc.)
  • convolution-doc.txt convolution
  • mult-doc.txt multiplication of large numbers
  • correlation-doc.txt correlation
  • dctdst-doc.txt cosine and sine transforms
  • ds-doc.txt data structures (FIFO, heap etc.)
  • fft-doc.txt fast Fourier transforms
  • realfft-doc.txt real valued FFTs
  • fht-doc.txt fast Hartley transforms
  • walsh-doc.txt Walsh transforms
  • haar-doc.txt Haar transforms
  • mod-doc.txt modular arithmetics and number theory
  • ntt.h-doc.txt number theoretic transforms
  • perm-doc.txt permutations
  • sort-doc.txt sorting and searching
  • data-doc.txt tables of mathematical data. The tables can also be accessed via the mathdata page. generated index of all docs

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