Data Structures And Algorithms

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This book covers some commonly used data structures (such as arrays, linked-lists, trees, and graphs) and algorithms (such as sorting, searching, and various graph algorithms) that are used in Computer Science. The book is intended primarily for the readers who are already familiar with these data structures and algorithms, but would like to get some information on how to perform some advanced or non-trivial operations on/using them. Hence, for each data structure and algorithm, I have generally given a lighter treatment to the basic issues (since they are generally already covered elsewhere) and given more attention to more advanced issues related to them.
The book is actually still in writing, and I will add more material to it. So make sure to check this Web site from time-to-time to see the latest updates.
Note: This book contains several psuedocodes. Implementing these psuedocodes using a programming language will require rewriting them appropriately using language-specific constructs. The pseudocodes may also make some simplifying assumptions, may not check some boundary conditions such as nil input values, and may not check for invalid input values. The solutions provided here may not be the best possible solutions. In fact, simpler and more practical solutions have often been preferred over theoretically-better but more complicated solutions.